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Transforming the Landscape of Agro industry

From fresh milk and milk powder to yogurt in non-fat, low-fat, whole-milk, and Greek versions, we provide high-quality dairy products. Sourced from trusted American suppliers, our dairy products are selected for freshness, taste, and nutritional value.


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From the heartiness of millet and farina to the versatility of oats and wheat, our cereals are a breakfast staple that provide nourishment and energy. We source these cereals with the same dedication to quality that defines all our products, ensuring that your breakfast is not only delicious but also nutritious.


Honed by years of experience, supported by nationwide networks, and reinforced by planning and logistical expertise, we are at the forefront of fulfilling essential domestic food needs.

Powering American Nutrition

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Leverage the 8(a) Contracting Advantage

Our 8(a) and sole-sourcing capabilities enable us to deliver procurement solutions compliant with FAR and CFR to federal agencies, faster.

We are redefining the experience for suppliers, unlocking domestic and global markets, streamlining logistics, and revealing new avenues of success.

Unlocking Markets & Opportunities


Your Partner in Global Food Trade

We export and import high-quality food and agricultural products across four continents, enriching the American market and ensuring compliance with global standards.

Creating Global Impact

Supply chain managment

Working in partnership with governments, donors, international development agencies, think tanks, and higher education institutions, we tackle pressing challenges across the world.


Going the Extra Mile

De Lune Freight & Logistics provides end-to-end freight and logistics services to U.S. producers, delivering food across America and the world.

Creating a Hunger-Free Tomorrow

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We help advance the mission of food banks across the nation, providing cost-effective solutions tailored to the unique needs of communities.

Addressing the Challenges of Global Food Aid

With a proven track record, our comprehensive procurement, efficient logistics, and commitment to quality ensure reliable and trustworthy support for international food aid initiatives.

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Harvesting a Sustainable Future

We are reshaping the U.S. food supply chain through initiatives that nurture sustainability and
fortify resilience to cultivate a greener tomorrow.

Our Latest News

Dive into the heart of the dynamic world of De Lune Corp. Stay up to date on our latest news, initiatives, and recognitions that shape our corporate narrative.

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