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Progressing Sustainability & Resilience Across the Agriculture Supply Chain

In a world where the integrity of our food systems is crucial, we take pride in our commitment to shaping a more sustainable and robust future for the U.S. food supply chain. Our initiatives extend beyond traditional practices, embracing innovative solutions and partnerships to redefine agricultural practices and contribute to a more resilient and ecologically responsible food ecosystem.

At De Lune Corp, we actively engage in initiatives that enhance sustainability and resilience, bolstering the U.S. food supply chain in several key ways.

Nurturing Sustainability. Fortifying Resilience

Image by Noah Buscher

We offer artificial intelligence (AI) powered climate smart technology that can revolutionize agriculture. Powered by a diverse group of scientists, technologists, agriculturists, strategists, and risk analysts, our technology enables smart decarbonization and intelligent water management solutions.

Climate Smart Technology

Using proprietary machine learning modelers, we gain in-depth insights into the relationships between the properties of your soil, nutrients, and water cycling to better manage and control soil nutrient cycling.

Nutrient Management

Water is an essential resource in agriculture. It is usually harvested and stored in dams and storages but nearly 50% of this is often lost to evaporation. As water becomes scarcer and more expensive, this loss represents a massive waste. Our watershed management solutions focus on optimizing water usage and preventing wastage.

Watershed Management

Irrigating Fields
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