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Agronomist Farmer

Your Gateway to Efficiency, Innovation, and Growth

At De Lune Corp, we redefine the supplier experience, offering a proven track record in logistics, extensive USDA expertise, and a robust portfolio of certifications and licenses. Learn how we can elevate your supplier journey, leveraging set-asides, securing sole-source awards, and assisting with USDA readiness. Join us in cultivating success and reshaping the landscape of the U.S. food supply chain.

A comprehensive snapshot of our impact and reach.

De Lune Corp by the Numbers


Railcars Utilized


Shipping Containers Utilized


Truck Miles Covered


Of Dairy Delivered


Truckloads Utilized


Of Meat and Vegetables Delivered

1,900,000+ lbs

Of Fruits and Vegetables Distributed


50kg Bags Of Pulses and Grains Shipped


2lb Bags Of Pulses and Grains Shipped

Prime Contracting

De Lune Corp can act as the prime on contracts, alleviating the challenges our suppliers may face when dealing directly with the USDA.

Leveraging Set-Asides

De Lune Corp can act as the prime on contracts, alleviating the challenges our suppliers may face when dealing directly with the USDA.

How We Can Help

Sole Source Awards

De Lune Corp qualifies for sole source awards, streamlining the procurement process and providing a competitive edge to our suppliers.

USDA Readiness

We can assist you in becoming USDA ready, ensuring compliance and adherence to the highest standards.

Product Consideration by USDA

Our expertise enables us to help producers get their products considered by the USDA and become certified USDA suppliers.

Loading Semitrucks

Embark on a journey of global expansion with De Lune Corp by your side. With a proven track record in international logistics and a commitment to excellence, we offer suppliers a gateway to export their food products to various continents.

Unlocking Global Markets

Access to Global Markets

We provide access to export markets in several continents, delivering opportunities to distribute your products on a global scale.

Expertise in Global Logistics

Benefit from our extensive experience in global logistics, ensuring a seamless journey from your facility to the end consumer.

Dedicated Support

We ensure your produce meets and exceeds the expectations of international markets, ensuring that it arrives in pristine condition, adhering to the highest quality  standards.

Diverse Product Portfolio

We have successfully supplied a diverse range of products, including pulses, grains, cereals, egg and egg products, fresh produce, and animal feed.

Navigating Licensing Expectations

We understand the complexities of international trade and are well-versed in meeting divers licensing expectations.

Partner with De Lune Corp Today!

Partner with us to unlock new avenues of success, streamline your processes, and contribute to the transformation of the food supply chain, domestically and globally. Join De Lune Corp and let's shape the future of food supply together.

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