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Developing a Better World for All

Here at De Lune Corp, our Partnership for Global Development team is on a mission—to make a lasting difference in the world by helping people improve their lives. We are ready to tackle some of the most pressing challenges around the globe and create a more livable world. Through partnerships on development assistance programs, we transform ideas into action.

Why Work with De Lune Corp

Checking Lettuce Growth

Our expertise stems from a wealth of hands-on experience, collaborating with development agency partners such as USDA, USAID, and WFP.

Proven Expertise

With a broad footprint across the world, we draw on our capabilities, diverse expertise, and tools to facilitate development across continents.

Global Reach

Our team possesses the in-depth knowledge needed to address complex challenges, ensuring effective solutions that create a positive and lasting impact.

Wealth of Knowledge

Our Areas of Focus

We are at the forefront of modernizing public administration processes through technology—streamlining public procurement, building capacity, and enhancing transparency.

Digital for Development

Leveraging our inhouse cybersecurity capabilities and a profound understanding of supply chains, we minimize risks and enhance the resilience of supply chains in food and manufacturing sectors globally.

Supply Chain Cyber Risk Mitigation

Our digital health strategies and solutions empower public health systems, equipping authorities and institutions to address pressing healthcare challenges.

Enhancing Public Health Systems

Introducing AI-driven climate-smart technology for agriculture, we strive to deliver more sustainable outcomes and promote environmentally-friendly practices in farming and irrigation.

Agricultural Sustainability

We help governments forge mutually beneficial partnerships that serve their citizens and advance their economies. Our expertise lies in developing effective collaborations that drive progress.

Facilitating Public-Private Partnerships

Ensuring the seamless flow of resources for humanitarian missions, we provide end-to-end global logistical and warehousing support to make a meaningful impact in times of need

Logistics & Warehousing for Humanitarian Missions

supplier management

Join hands with De Lune Corp in shaping a sustainable future for all. Together, we can forge impactful alliances, create positive change, and be a catalyst for lasting global transformation

Partner with Us

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