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De Lune Corp Shares the Love: Illuminating a Brighter Future with Orbis

De Lune Corp is thrilled to announce a significant donation to Orbis, an international non-profit organization dedicated to fighting avoidable blindness and transforming lives, as part of our flagship Sharing the Love initiative.

Ninety-percent of all vision loss is either preventable or treatable. Founded on the unwavering belief that no one should endure unnecessary blindness merely due to their place of birth, Orbis brings people together to combat avoidable blindness globally. Through a network of partners, Orbis mentors, trains, and inspires local teams to fight blindness in their communities.

Our donation to Orbis was directed towards their ROP Mongolia project, which focuses on eradicating infant blindness caused by Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) in that nation. This condition is the leading cause of preventable infant blindness globally, affecting an estimated 185,000 infants each year.

The funds contributed by De Lune Corp to the ROP Mongolia project will help fund the purchase of a NEO fundus camera. This cutting-edge diagnostic tool will play a pivotal role in both diagnostics and research in Mongolia. By enabling prompt and accurate treatment of infants afflicted with ROP, this project is a crucial step towards ensuring a brighter future for these little lives.

Dr.Gitanjali Baveja representing Orbis receiving the donation from Mr.Gaddafi Ismail, the President of De Lune Corp.

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