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Meeting the Demands of International Food Aid

Every year, the United States provides food assistance to people across the world, saving lives during crises, improving literacy through school feeding, and combating malnutrition among women and children. At De Lune Corp, we understand the nuances and challenges of international food aid and unique demands of each region and situation. We support the USDA, USAID and WFP, seamlessly navigating the U.S. supply chain to source, procure, and deliver top-quality American-grown food products, to end hunger and improve food security across the world.

International Food Aid

Our approach is deeply rooted in customization. Each project is meticulously planned and executed, ensuring that the unique demands of each solicitation is met with precision.

Our Solutions are Tailored to Every Solicitation

Supplier Management

Choose De Lune Corp Today

Choosing De Lune Corp is to choose a partner dedicated to your mission's success. With our expertise, adaptability, and commitment to quality, we are uniquely positioned to support your international food aid initiatives and make a positive impact where it matters the most.

We have Global Reach and are Local Sensitive

Although based in the U.S., we are globally attuned and locally sensitive. Our extensive network of partners and deep understanding of regional intricacies enable us to navigate diverse requirements effectively, be it during droughts in Sudan or the conflict in Ukraine.

International Food Aid

We are Committed to Quality

Quality is our cornerstone. We enforce rigorous quality control protocols at every step, adhering to the standards set by agencies like FGIS and USAID processes such as FSQA. From sourcing to packaging and transportation, we monitor every detail, ensuring the products meet the stringent requirements of the receiving country.

International Food Aid

We Adapt to Complex Environments

Navigating diverse transportation modes, onloading and offloading points, and challenging storage conditions, we ensure food products reach their destination without compromising quality. Our sourced food products are chosen to withstand the rigors of international logistics, safeguarding the integrity of the aid supplies.

International Food Aid
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