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De Lune Corp Expands Global Humanitarian Impact with Dubai Humanitarian Membership

The strategic move aligns with the organization’s overarching mission to enhance global humanitarian efforts and solidifies its commitment to supporting relief organizations worldwide.

The company joins a diverse membership base of UN organizations, non-governmental organizations, intergovernmental organizations, and commercial manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services to humanitarian organizations around the globe. By joining Dubai Humanitarian, De Lune Corp will be able to leverage the unparalleled resources, networks, and logistical capabilities that the largest humanitarian hub in the world offers.

Formerly known as the International Humanitarian City (IHC), Dubai Humanitarian provides a unique environment for collaboration, innovation, and efficiency in the sustainable humanitarianism sector and has facilitated multiple emergency responses. The hub comprises extensive storage facilities including cold-chain facilities for long-term storage of vaccines and medical items and a semi-automated kitting center for rapid assembly of emergency and relief kits.

“Dubai Humanitarian is truly an international humanitarian city. And our membership marks a significant milestone in our ongoing mission to deliver aid and support to those in need, wherever they may be and whatever the circumstances,” said De Lune Corp Founder and President Gaddafi Ismail.

Since 2016, De Lune Corp has supported USDA, USAID, and WFP in serving communities across continents, leveraging its extensive supply networks and logistical expertise to plan, organize, and deliver critical aid across diverse and difficult borders within strict schedules.

“Our membership will enable us to collaborate more closely with international partners, share knowledge and resources, and ultimately, boost our impact on the ground where help is needed the most. It will also enhance our access to the African continent and MENA in particular,” Ismail added.

De Lune Corp’s integration into Dubai Humanitarian places the company at the heart of humanitarian action, enabling it to be actively involved in the most pressing aid operations globally. The geographic positioning of Dubai — on the path between the Middle East, Asia, and Africa — and Dubai Humanitarian’s strategic location of being minutes away from the Jebel Ali seaport and Al Maktoum airport, will enable the company to reach two-thirds of the world population living in disaster-prone areas within just 4 to 8 hours.

This tactical positioning will allow De Lune Corp to respond more swiftly to crises, improve the delivery of aid services, and make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by disasters. The company's presence in Dubai Humanitarian ensures it remains at the forefront of global humanitarian efforts, contributing to the overall mission of serving humanity more effectively.

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