Our Centers of Excellence

Our Centers of Excellence

Our Centers of Excellence

Enterprise Software Development and Implementation Services

Equipped with 10+ years of experience in working with multiple industry verticals, we are specialist transformation enablers catering to the needs of our clients, utilizing a fully customized delivery process in developing and managing enterprise business solutions.

Our team of enterprise transformation advocates dedicates time to understand a client’s business, their roadblocks and challenges, their mindsets, culture and behavior in order to envision their digitized future for maximum returns.

Our expertise spans across the following services in developing and managing enterprise solutions.

Business Automation & Salesforce Integration Solutions

Business Automation

We are well-equipped to automate your business processes from A-Z, helping to power you with the
competitive edge needed to excel in your business. We aim to enhance your visibility and control to ensure you have significant differentiators that will help you stand out from the competition. Consistent service delivery is an absolute must in today’s day and age, and that’s exactly what we focus on to make sure your business is sustainably developed.

  • We work with large databases and we can help you manage data across multiple workloads, while
    reducing administration, storage, development and server costs.
  • We also power mobility, which is all about putting business at your fingertips 24/7, 365 days a year.

Salesforce Integration Solutions

As certified Salesforce Developers with years of experience in Salesforce implementation, we have
successfully delivered high quality Salesforce projects to clients from diverse industries across the globe. Our experience extends in Salesforce custom applications using Apex and Visualforce as well. Our services include:

  • Developing Workflows in Salesforce
  • Salesforce Integration and Mashups
  • Salesforce Consulting and Administration
  • Custom Salesforce Application Development
  • Migration to Salesforce

Integration and Middleware – Connecting your Software Applications

Integration and Middleware – Connecting your Software Applications

We understand the dependence businesses today have on digitized systems and data. Substantial amounts of data and information travel across functions of a company many times on a daily basis, across multiple systems, devices and applications. It is vital to have a well-secured and efficient platform where all these departments can integrate and communicate, and this is where our integration and middleware services come in.

Our middleware services are a step ahead, facilitating your entry to the booming API economy where we power you with:

  • Efficient sharing of information and data across applications
  • Reduced latency in application across communications
  • Cost-effective middleware and integration services catering to your specific business needs (there is no one-size-fits-all here)
  • Leveraging partner ecosystems to create exciting new enterprise opportunities.
Integration and Middleware - Connecting your Software Applications

Content Management Systems and E-commerce


Whether you are looking for a new commercial website or an overhaul to your old one, or whether
you are building a partner extranet, social intranet or even a community portal, the DOTNETNUKE Content
Management System powered by DeLune is your ultimate partner for success. Technologically leveraging over 750,000 websites across the world, DOTNETNUKE is popular for its extreme user-friendliness and ease of deployment. With 1 Million + contributor network, it is well supported with frequent updates.

The Drupal and WordPress Edge

Drupal and WordPress are content management systems connecting businesses and individuals with the
online sphere, by enabling enhanced website development. Comprehensive, user-friendly, and
preferred by developers, these tools offer unlimited opportunities and over 29,000 modules with over a
thousand themes. Drupal and WordPress allow you to bring together your perfect e-commerce site, static
informative site, blog or any other related showcase with these modules and themes and, most importantly, power anyone with an easy site management back-end.

The Magento Edge

Regardless of scale, your business can now reach a global audience, generating real online revenue with
Magento – the ultimate digital revenue generation platform worldwide. De Lune IT specializes in
connecting your business with the digital sphere by customized e-commerce website development and
payment gateway integration through Magento.

The Umbraco Edge

Umbraco is a comprehensive and feature-rich web development and Content Management System which
allows you to establish your digital presence with a state-of-the-art website. The De Lune Umbraco
developments are focused on powering easy and swift content management and e-commerce. Backed by its
open source + .Net fundamentals, Umbraco gained its popularity thanks to its unmatched user-friendly nature and flexibility.

IT Infrastructure Installation and Management

IT Infrastructure Installation and Management

Digitalization and automation is not only about one-off implementation. It is vital to ensure that infrastructure put in place rewards you with maximum cost effectiveness and business efficiency.

Whether managing your Cloud Applications, Virtualization or even the BYOD processes, it is critical to
constantly monitor and optimize your IT infrastructure.

From local to Cloud, we offer an array of services, which comprehensively cover all your high-end IT,
infrastructure management and optimization needs. Our services include a plethora of subservices along the lines of Virtualization, Data center migration, Network and security, Remote infrastructure management and Cloud services.

IT Infrastructure Installation and Management

Project and Portfolio Management

Project and Portfolio Management

De Lune IT is acutely aware that project management not only influences an individual project, but the
overall viability of a company’s entire project portfolio and, ultimately, the ability to advance the overall strategy of the company.

In delivering tangible and sustainable gains, De Lune IT allows you to prioritize and execute your strategic projects. Let De Lune IT undertake the task of developing and improving your Project Management and Project Portfolio management framework.

Cognitive and Machine Learning Based Solutions

Cognitive and Machine Learning Based Solutions

Enterprises with a futuristic outlook have already invested in integrating cognitive capabilities. No matter the industry, decreased costs, enhanced efficiencies and a boost in revenue are always indicative of business growth.

Create opportunities for your business growth through cognitive technologies, which are powered by machine learning, real-time computing and artificial intelligence.

We, at De Lune IT, help you grow your business by crafting cognitive strategies and identifying key business areas to implement automated business. We help you infuse advance intelligence into your business through our product offerings, solutions and applications with cutting-edge cognitive technologies.

A multitude of opportunities are made available to you by integrating the power of cognitive technologies into your products and services. De Lune IT is here to help you navigate the pathways.

Cognitive and Machine Learning Based Solutions

Business Intelligence Solutions

With Business Intelligence, our team will assist you visualize, analyze and share complex data. Our consultancy and solutions will ensure that your data is available in a timely, accurate and consistent manner across your entire organization. With BI you can transform data into meaningful and useful information to be utilized as the ultimate decision-making tool.

Business Solutions List

Take your business to the next level with Business Intelligence

Developing data visualization dashboards specifically to complement your organization’s requirements is
De Lune IT’s specialty. We effectively enable your business to access relevant, timely and critical
information for corporate decision-making.

Different BI solutions on offer

We develop interactive dashboards, which will automatically select the best format in presenting your
data, or use customizable filters, time-slider tools and drill-downs to examine how dynamics can effect, and even alter, results.

Get better business insight with Microsoft Power BI

We work with Microsoft Power BI, a platform that provides analytics for the whole organization, reputed as one of the leading and pioneering solutions when it comes to BI.

Giving you the ability to monitor data and view business performance and consistency across all reporting and analysis functions – along with the ability to transform, analyze and visualize data, or just seamlessly embed BI in to your existing app – BI is the total control option for you.

If you have already invested in a Microsoft Office 365 license, connecting with Power BI is simple. Transform and empower your business now – integrate Power BI seamlessly, and deliver better value.

Information Security Solutions

Information Security Solutions

When it comes to Information Security Solutions, you need a solution that is ‘Just Right’ for your business – too little would leave you vulnerable and too much would have you inert.

Developing a sound security solution requires rationalized decisions and trade-offs. A well thought-out process and carefully assessed risks in relation to the business industry and culture result in a well-balanced solution. This solution would integrate people, processes and technology and, at the same time, cover the entire life cycle of development – policy, planning, implementation and optimization.

Our Services

Our Services

Data Security Solutions – protecting your critical data from sabotage and theft.

Network Security Solutions – connecting you to the world but offering the best protection at the same time.

Application Security Solutions – protecting your web presence, e-commerce applications and your mission-critical databases from both internal and external threats.

Mobile Security Solutions – allowing you to enjoy the advantage of mobility safely.

Cloud Security Solutions – protecting your sensitive information while at rest or during transit.

Security Management and Monitoring Solutions – proactively keeping an eye on your organization.

Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions – addressing your voluntary or mandatory regulatory requirements.

Never compromise productivity and flexibility for security, and never compromise on security.
You really can have it all.

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