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About Us

Bringing together ingenious solutions, De Lune IT consultancy services was created to support IT initiatives in any industry, from inception to completion. De Lune IT is committed to ensuring a seamless process of supervising and maintaining a myriad of IT resources across your business.

Our mission is to ensure that your organization’s initiatives are completed within budget, scope and, most importantly, schedule. We understand the need for high impact and time sensitivity. Our experience and proficiency in the process of accounting for current and planned IT resources – in conjunction with an agile framework for analyzing, planning and executing – ensures that your technology is not only current, but scalable.

We will guide you through the complexities of selecting the best technology for your business. De Lune IT will be there from implementation – managing and designing business processes – to coordination of resources in order to maximize your investment.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We understand that each organization has its own individualistic technological requirements and, in response, De Lune IT specializes in offering tailor-made solutions for your business. We focus completely on promoting sustainable performance and lasting results. Our expertise will assist you with choosing the best technology for your specific and unique business requirements, while providing an equitable approach to the selection of available alternatives and implementation, regardless of the technology you end up selecting.

Utilizing robust planning and implementation processes on-site, our team will seamlessly blend into your organizational culture and environment; building partnerships with your stakeholders in order to drive project execution and meet your business requirements.

How We Work


Evaluate current business and workflow, and devise sustainable improvements to optimize your current technology, prior to recommending an upgrade if absolutely required. Evaluating your ‘technology readiness’ provides an essential platform for assessing your current operation.


Select, after evaluating, the most plausible and tailor-made solution. You can choose and implement enterprise and functional level technology (ERP, CRM, PLM, LIMS, HRIS, EMR and IT infrastructure).


Manage the IT Project Portfolio, ensuring project prioritization and alignment with the most critical business needs.


Realign the project. We understand the importance of agility when responding to urgent corporate needs. We are committed to focus only on your business, addressing your company’s strategic direction, strategic alignment, and strategic execution.


Providing visibility throughout the duration of project and portfolio performance. You can monitor progress and realization of organizational goals and measure the benefits.


Ensuring that the most important matters get attended to first, we are nimble enough to support the realignment of finite resources throughout the organization.

Establish framework

Establish framework and implement process across an organization, to accomplish the essential strategic objectives for success.

Assess current methodologies

Assess current methodologies and provide a comprehensive report, via a formal assessment process in order to build a sound Project Management and Change Management Strategy.

Evaluate effectiveness

Evaluate Effectiveness, of governance, communication and decision-making.


Prioritize, by providing a sequenced roadmap and recommendations, for increased growth and better deliverables.

Our Approach

Our Approach

De Lune IT focuses on a particularly powerful piece of process methodology, “Lean Six Sigma”. This defect-reduction methodology transforms your business, enabling De Lune IT to completely focus on the quality of the customer service and experience we offer. It translates to fewer errors, faster call response, and better project delivery – the project management equivalent of Nirvana.

Companies poised for success, have adopted the discipline of Six Sigma, for its fact-based, quantifiable insistence of continuous improvement, and persistence to expunge defects in a process. This methodology delivers cost reductions and quality improvements in the range of 20-50%, hence it is an essential criterion for many of our customers.

Our Approach

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Partner with us

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