De Lune Energy – Energizing America Better

Reaping the benefits of an energy renaissance, domestic production and export of crude oil and
natural gas is expanding at an exceptional rate. Advances in technology have driven this remarkable
achievement, along with refining facilities, which at present, are the most sophisticated and efficient in the world. Constantly with an eye to the future, De Lune Corp is poised to take advantage of this
resurgence with our commitment to meeting the growing demand with high quality and
performance-enhancing products.

Expanding on decades of unmatched expertise in the global trade of North American agricultural
commodities, we now offer our customers ASTM standard Refined Petroleum and Specialty Chemicals.
With an anchored focus on commitment, superior products, dedicated service and efficient distribution
networks, we are building a reputation for uncompromising quality.

We bring to the table the business acumen gained by years of consistently delivering high-quality
products, and our multi-faceted knowledge of local business environments coupled with networking
and know-how on a global scale. Our simple aim has always been to assure quality, matched with
exceptional customer service and employee commitment


De Lune Energy provides lubricants that are designed to contribute to superior protection in the most vital operating applications. We feature a full line of high-performance industrial-grade products that are technologically advanced and highly versatile. These lubricants are designed to meet, or exceed, all heavy-duty engine, transmission or hydraulic system requirements, and have been subject to rigorous quality processes to ensure consistency and performance.

Lubricant Types

Engine oils

Lubricants that are enhanced-premium synthetic & semi-synthetic engine oils, explicitly designed with performance and protection in mind.

Tractor fluids

Be it a single engine tractor or mass harvesting field equipment, we provide the level of protection you require, ensuring optimum performance – consistently.

Transmission fluids

A full line of high-performance transmission fluids, guarantee quality and consistency in performance for all types of transmissions including heavy-duty applications. Our precisely formulated products ensure peak level performance in automatic transmission to automatic heavy-duty transmission.

Hydraulic oils

Specifically formulated to enhance performance. Our hydraulic oils offer benefits to the simplest hydraulic equipment to the most complicated hydraulic systems. Specially developed to outperform conventional formulas.

Gear oils

Formulated to provide extreme protection for a variety of industries and applications, to provide protection for components and parts against wear-and-tear, corrosion and enhance overall life of the equipment.

When you choose De Lune Energy

When you choose De Lune Energy, you are consciously selecting benefits such as reduced wear, reduced operating temperatures, longer equipment life, enhanced performance, increased efficiency, increased uptime, lower consumption, longer service intervals, and reduced maintenance.

Refined Products

Refined Products

Refined Products

De Lune Energy assures its commitment to fuels produced right here in America. We only sell refined fuels sourced in North America and refined in the USA. When you choose De Lune Energy, you are consciously reducing the dependence on foreign production, and enabling the American fuel industry to flourish.

  • Diesel
  • Premium Diesel
  • Gasoline
  • Kerosene
  • Marine Gas Oil
  • Jet fuel

Delivery Services

Delivery Services

  • Fuel delivery
  • LP gas delivery
  • Package oil delivery
  • Bulk oil delivery
Delivery Services

Flexible Payment Structures

Flexible Payment Structures

Flexible Payment Structures

As a part of our growth strategy, we are attuned to our client’s requirements and facilitate flexible payment structures and contracts.

  • Fixed price contract
  • Package oil delivery
  • Strip contract

Partner with us

Partner with us

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